Vision & Mission

Fem Cotton Pvt. Ltd. Comes with a vision to generating better life among the countries of the world by providing the best agricultural commodities that are generated on Indian Soil. With this effect export market was successfully booming in last 7 years.

From ancient time, the whole world has recognized the agriculture power of Indian Economy with abundant supply of natural resources. With the grace of God and Knowledge of agriculturist-predecessor, we are blessed with the products like Raw Cotton, Animal Feeds products, Oil Seeds. Our aim is simple; Fem Cotton Pvt Ltd. want to enrich the global perspectives by providing the best products we supply to the world.

Our company has developed the mission from the very initial stage to maintain the best quality at every phase of our business process. The ultimate aim of business is to make pleasant business relations with highly valued customers by offering quality product at right price and timely delivery. Our motto is – “ Always be in pursuit of Quality and Success will be in pursuit of us.” To date, this has been the clearest statement that defines the core principal of our company work ethic.

In this competitive industry, Fem Cotton Pvt. Ltd. is able to differentiate itself by offering its clients on time shipments, assured quality control processes, competitive pricing along with impeccable customer service with a name they have come to trust. It's no secret then that our success is due to a combination of the above factors that has afforded the ability in fostering long term strategic partnerships with all of our customers' right across the globe.

Our Goal

We will be very pleased if we can be part & partial for the textile development by meagre contribution which can be true with your valuable support only.

Our Strength

  • 1For better quality and quantity our ginners use hip process method.
  • 2We provide daily market report to our customers.
  • 3We can match single enquiry with various ginners in different varieties.
  • 4A part from brokerage, we provide additional facility to ginners like Logistic, Documentation.
  • 5We check each shipment while stuffing containers at factory as well as port.
  • 6We manage necessary step to execute the order on behalf of manufacturer and end user.

Quality Assurance

The above statement shows that at fem cotton pvt ltd, the objective of our quality assurance system is to avoid mistake from shipment to deliver goods. The company has on its payroll, qualified person who are in constant with manufacturers where our orders are being executed.